Relationships and Marriage Counselling

When you first met your relationship was filled with excitement, happiness and joy. Over the months and years issues have crept into your relationship that remain unresolved. There are lots of hard feelings and you feel a wall of resentment building between the two of you.

It gets to the point where you can’t fix it alone and need professional help.

Over a series of twelve to twenty sessions I help you as a couple take an honest and open look at the real issues. Together we will come up with solutions that break down the wall of resentment and allow you to feel the love you once felt for each other.

I will teach you how to:

  • Communicate better
  • Argue better
  • Appreciate each other more
  • Become best friends (again)

And rediscover the reasons you got married in the first place.

I offer counselling for all couples who need a safe place to express and share hard feelings. Feelings you have kept inside on a wide variety of subjects including: discovering an affair, money, in laws, sex, children, becoming parents, religious differences and so much more.

I am an insightful and engaging counsellor who is fair to both partners. I am not on the side of one partner or the other, but on the side of the relationship. I am passionate about helping couples stay happily together and when that is not possible…to help them separate in a positive manner.

I have helped dozens of couples transform their relationships. I specialize in young couples married under ten years and in engaged couples.

My Relationships Counselling Approach

My work with couples is guided by two major counselling theories. The Gottman method of Relationship Therapy is acclaimed worldwide. This program of assessment and intervention helps couples overcome gridlock in their disagreements and gives them tools to rebuild marital friendship.

Emotional Focused therapy is also widely acclaimed. Its focus is on helping couples clear away their resentments by revisiting old issues and the hard feelings attached, leading to a place of understanding, forgiveness and reconciliation. Once these barriers to intimacy disappear the therapist helps the couple re-establish a close emotional bond.

Finding the Right Fit

Healing relationships requires trust and compassion from all parties involved. Therapy and counselling are very personal in nature and it’s important that there is a good fit between both of you and the person you choose to guide you through this process. For this reason, I offer a free phone consultation to learn more about your challenges, answer your questions, and together begin to outline a way forward.


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