Counselling for Issues of Aging

Old age can bring wisdom and understanding from a lifetime of experience. It can also contain a lifetime of emotional pain, loneliness, and unresolved family issues. These burdens can often be compounded by concerns of aging, and the fear of death. Many older adults become anxious, depressed, hopeless and confused. They need counsel and support, especially during difficult periods and transitions.

Emotional pain often manifests itself with physical symptoms. There are many benefits to a healthy, more vibrant emotional state including actual physical healing.

But how do you get from a negative state to a positive one?

Helping Seniors Cope and Resolve Emotional Pain

If you are a senior suffering from emotional pain, or have a parent or grandparent that is, you’ve come to the right place. Whether the upset is from a recent event, or from old bottled up problems that were never really dealt with properly, I have the experience, patience and care to help seniors with their most personal emotional and family issues.

How I Help Seniors

Over the last 30 years, I have helped many seniors repair the past, enjoy the present, and look forward to the future. With a natural rapport and deep insight into senior’s pain and lonliness, I can help guide you towards inner healing. Many seniors find it particularly comfortable and reassuring entering a counselling relationship with a therapist who is also a rabbi.

How Counselling Works

Meetings are typically held weekly or every two weeks depending on your schedule and need. In these meetings, we can get to the root of your problems and find the right path of understanding, healing, and moving to a better life. The last stages of life should be spent with joy, family, love, and friendship. The sessions are always provided in a trusting and caring environment giving you the confidence to open up and allow the process of healing to take place.

If You Can’t Come to Me, I will Come to You

One of the biggest challenges for seniors is mobility, making it difficult to travel to a counsellor’s office. I offer a special senior service where I will come to you. I can meet with seniors of every faith and background in the comfort of their home, retirement residence or hospital room.

Finding the Right Fit

Successful counselling requires trust and comfort. Therapy and counselling are very personal in nature and it’s important that there is a good fit between you and the person you choose to guide you through this process. For this reason, I offer a free phone consultation to learn more about your challenges, answer your questions and together begin to outline a way forward.


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